Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Preventing winter damage to your turf in Boise, Eagle, Meridian, and Nampa Idaho.

It’s January in the Treasure Valley and although the weather has been warmer than usual – winter weather is on the way.  The usually vibrant green of the grass has begun turning brown as it goes into a state of dormancy.  Even though it looks like it is dying, the grass is still alive and will green up again when the weather warms up in the spring.  But if we are hit with extreme cold temperatures and moisture isn’t allowed to reach the roots of the grass, your grass could get winter frost burn and be damaged. 
Grass can also be damaged in the winter from too much traffic.  In the cold and freezing months you should avoid walking, playing, parking and driving on the grass.  Grass is pretty resilient but has a harder time recovering from well-worn paths that occur during dormancy.  Try to keep your sidewalks and driveways cleared of snow so that there will be less temptation to walk through the yard.  Leaving cars or other objects on frozen turf will at the least make those areas more susceptible to weeds in the spring and at the worst result in dead spots. 

At Organic Solutions! Inc., we strive to give you the healthiest lawn all year long.  Our organic fertilizer can help your lawn revive quicker and look more vibrant in the spring.  If you would like to receive a free estimate for our fertilization and weed control programs, please contact us!  We can be reached by phone, 208-884-8986, by email, organicsolutionsinc@outlook.com, or through our website, www.idahoorganicsolutions.com.

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